We are Currently in Closed Beta

If you follow one of our traders on Twitter or Stock Twits, message us and we will let you know if they are in our current list of traders. If you heard about us some other way and would like some more information feel free to contact us below.

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Experienced Traders Welcome

If you are an experienced trader interested in being compensated for having Amevest investors follow your strategy, let us do all the client relationship management so you can focus on trading.

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Traders' and Investors' Interests Fully Aligned

Time to maximize your portfolio with skilled traders who are helping you with your goals as they work towards theirs. We maintain relationships with many skilled traders, and clients choose those traders they would like to mirror in their own accounts, tracking the traders' model portfolios on a daily basis and executing them in your own separate account. We mirror how our traders manage their own funds. You can benefit from the time and expertise of full time traders dedicated to growing your and their portfolio.

Aggressive fund options to drive high returns to complement your traditional investments.

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We help investors take advantage of the powerful investment tools that professional traders use without the learning curve.

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Protecting investors interests as each trade executed is reviewed by proprietary technology.

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